L’incidenza della cultura ebraica nell’opera di Antonietta Raphaël

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incidenza cultura_ebraica

 un saggio critico di Serena De Dominicis sulla rivista Valori Tattili




The critics examined over time several aspects of Antonietta Raphaël’s work, which swings between painting and sculpture. The main issues, such as the recurring theme of motherhood, womanhood, identity and creation, have been analysed, as well as her fascination for mythology. Her contribution to the “School of via Cavour,” with Mario Mafai and Scipione Bonichi, has also been examined. In this context, we should like to emphasize an issue insufficiently highlighted so far, concerning the Jewish influence. Underlying Raphaël’s work was her Jewish background, a solid cultural substrate that acted as both a frame of reference and a filter in the relations with others. Her Jewish roots were more a complex matter of identity than a question of faith. It was primarily on this complex bedrock that Raphaël built her personal polyphonic language. We propose, therefore Jewish culture as a unifying factor in her work, playing an essential role as transversal element throughout her artistic production.


L’incidenza della cultura ebraica nell’opera di Antonietta Raphaël (Scarica il PDF)


Numero 9 - Gennaio - Giugno 2017
Felici Editore S.r.l.
Pisa, 2017; br., pp. 214, ill. b/n, cm 24x31

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